The specialist with expert coating

The special ring traveller Vector from R+F has the coating with built-in lubrication:

Developed for use under low lubrication conditions, such as those encountered with compact spinning. The traveller itself provides the lubrication where the lubrication film structure is not sufficiently present.

The special feature about this coating is the embedded special lubricant.Even under extreme conditions, the lubrication film between the ring and traveller remains stable and prevents interfering influences. Especially with compact spinning, these properties are of particular importance – for the highest yarn quality with low yarn breaking incidences.

Vector travellers are characterised by
  • Emergency operational properties
  • Low yarn break rate
  • Consistent yarn quality
  • Extended traveller service lives in the high speed range
  • Particularly suitable for compact yarns

The travellers are available in the versions: clip (stored) or loose.Quantity depends on the ISO weight of the traveller.

Please contact us for more information and questions about technical specifications.We are happy to inform you of current R+F developments.


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