Top rollers

The Benchmark on the top roller market.

Top roller quality is of major importance for spinning quality yarn. The smooth running of the top roller in the direct contact with the roving influences the drafting result and herewith the quality.

Texparts top rollers are fitted with antifriction bearings. This brings advantage for all spinning processes (roving, ring spinning, compact spinning and worsted spinning). A wide range of top roller versions and gauges offers the ideal fit for every individual application. The top rollers are supplied without cot as a standard. All basic types can be delivered with ready ground cots according to customers specification for all types of rubber quality and dimensions.


  • Long service life at high load capacity due to optimized bearing seal
  • Silent and smooth running performance
  • Small roller diameters
  • Minimized friction
  • Long service intervals
  • Simple maintenance

Pre spinning

PK 5000 PK 1550 PK 1500
LP 1015
LP 1016
LP 1017

Short staple ring spinning

PK 2000 PK 2100 PK 2630 SE PK 2630 SEH PK 3000 Rieter drafting system
LP 1002
LP 1003
LP 302

Long staple ring spinning

PK 6000 PK 1660 PK 1601
LP 1014
LP 1016
LP 1017

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