Stewart Pinned Products - Precision Engineering - Established 1874

STEWARTS are the world's leading manufacturer of Pinned Products – providing greater accuracy, strength and durability over other conventional products.

Standard Supplier to Machinery Manufacturers

After 139 years of experience in the development, design and innovation of pinned products for many different industries we are now the standard supplier to over 35 machinery manufacturers and regularly export to over 50 countries worldwide. We have manufacturing facilities in Scotland UK, China and India.

Pinned Products - Design and Sales Departments

Our experienced design and sales departments can provide designs for almost any application with complete confidentiality and we are confident you will be more than satisfied with the end results.

Our Product Range includes:

  • Pinned Opening and Cleaning Roller
  • Pinned Spiral Chute Feed Roller
  • Pinned Taker-In Roller
  • Pinned Stationary Carding Flats
  • Pinned Fixed Carding Flats
  • Pinned Open End Combing Roller
  • Metalag Aluminium Stave
  • Beechwood Stave
  • Laminated Stave
  • Steel and Aluminium Face Stave
  • Picker Roller
  • Metering Roller


Why use Pinned Products?

Pinned Products provide are more reliable and better alternative to Wired Products. Pinned Products cause less damage to fibres, producing a better product and have a longer life span than Wired Products. Contact us today to find out how we can convert your Wired Products to Pinned Products or allow us to custom manufacture new Pinned Products for you machinery.

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