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Complete spindles

The standard spindles for ring spinning

Nowadays CS spindles are standard equipment for leading ring spinning machine manufacturers all over the world. Due to their outstanding running behaviour and load capacity, CS spindles are used in a broad range of ring spinning applications and Texparts can deliver a range of top part designs together with the CS spindle bearings. These include aluminium plug top parts with spring loaded or centrifugal tube clutches as well as top parts with Texparts zero underwinding systems.

  • Highest spindle speeds
  • High availability - less machine downtimes
  • Suitability for auto doffing
  • Robust design for manual doffed applications
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Bearing movability without hysteresis
  • Equability with all spindles within the machine
  • For a broad range of applications
  • Low consumption of lubrication and energy
  • Long service life

Customised spindles

For the spare parts market, Texparts can supply the replacement spindles that correspond to the ring frame manufacturers’ standards. We provide tailor made solutions and bespoke customer service in order to meet the individual demands of each customer. The high precision of the Texparts spindle bearings and the system-inherent low bearing forces ensure low-noise spindle operation over the full speed range.

Additional noise reduction effects can be achieved with the double-elastic spindle bearing system (CS 1 S), which generates lower acoustic pressure levels thanks to lower bearing forces. For this reason, the use of double-elastic spindle bearing units is recommended whenever the noise level and high spindle speed is a major criteria for the assessment of the machine.

Top spindle speeds

Texparts offers two bearing principles for spinning and twisting spindles:

Single-elastic spindle bearings

In these bearing units the footstep bearing is kept radially movable by a metal spring (types Texparts CS 1, CS1 12, CS 21 12). Visco hydraulic damping forms an integral property of the spring system. The single-elastic bearings are of robust design and set the standard for the majority of applications in spinning and twisting. They can be used in conjunction with high-quality upper parts and tubes as well as for high-speed applications.

Double-elastic spindle bearings

These bearings are additionally equipped with a second metal spring which affords radial resilience in the neck roller bearing (type Texparts CS 1 S). This second spring also has a wear-free damping function. The double-elastic spindle bearing units allow the spindle upper part to shift the centre of gravity axis even more exactly towards the rotation axis, thus achieving a major reduction in bearing forces and noise level. The double-elastic spindle bearing units therefore are the ideal choice mainly for the high and maximum speed range. Their mechanical design permits speeds far above the limit imposed by the ring/traveller system.

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