The ring traveller for the pole position

The top seller in the R+F team:

Avus – named after the once fastest German circuit – offers you the speed, durability and yarn quality, which guarantee success in everyday business.

The traveller already shows its strengths during start-up. Immediate, optimum attachment on the ring, and therefore very gentle handling with the lubrication film, is the optimal prerequisite for high-speed spinning and compact spinners. This advantage is maintained throughout the entire service life.

Avus travellers are characterised by
  • Optimised start-up behaviour
  • Suitability for the highest spindle speeds
  • Guarantees the highest wear-resistance
  • Constant yarn quality
  • Reduction of yarn breaks

The travellers are available in the versions: clip (stored) or loose. Quantity depends on the ISO weight of the traveller.

Please contact us for more information and questions about technical specifications. We are happy to inform you of current R+F developments.


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